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The thing about productivity tools is that they hold the potential to free up your time to focus on the things that matter. Cutting out filler words & nonsense to see through to what is meaningful - the real point, behind all the fluff, is what SummerEyes can do for you.

Get to the point. Fast.

Turbocharge your productivity with an integrated, automated tool that let's you process far more information, far more quickly. From articles, to emails, cut through the BS, and find what matters.

Blazingly fast

Summaries, instantly. Reduce 15 minute articles to 30 second highlights in a flash.

Ridiculously convenient

One click, right there in your browser. No need to switch apps, or copy-paste.

Incredibly powerful

Leveraging the latest innovations in Natural Language Processing to read, understand, and re-write.

Unbelievably useful

Read every newsletter, understand every article, and skim every company-wide email.

Easily installable and available in your browser

Implemented as a Chrome extension, SummerEyes is fully functional on any device supporting the extension ecosystem. Install once, and AI-powered summaries are instantly available.

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