Refreshed, redesigned, and ready to revolutionize your productivity

You spoke, we listened. The new version of SummerEyes is more powerful, more polished, more useful and more in tune with what you, our users, want.

If you already have SummerEyes installed in your browser you should receive an updated version in the next 48 hours. If you haven't yet installed it, please download it through the link below:

10th November 2022

New & improved SummerEyes

It's a great day to be lazy.

An enhanced version of our Chrome Extension has just launched, delivering upgrades across the board. We're launching with three major upgrades, all designed to provide a better user experience, and create a more powerful summary engine.

An ultra-convenient companion

SummerEyes is now a web browsing companion that sits within your browser, ready to be called up at any time to assist you. If we detect that a webpage is suitable for summarization, your new companion will activate & wait for input in the corner.

Want to get to the key message? All you need to do is click on the icon, and we'll do the heavy lifting to understand the content so you don't have to. And don't worry, all our previous features are still there for you to use.

More powerful AI

We've shifted away from using a single AI model to generate summaries and now optimize & finetune each summary depending on the topic & the user.

What this means for you, the user, is that the more you use SummerEyes & provide feedback on individual summaries, the more accurate & specific your results will be to you.

Redesigned brand & user experience

We've got new branding and a redesigned user experience - just another way to make life easier for you.

The first time you install or update to the new version we'll run a quick tour with you to get to grips with the changes.

What's next?

We'll still be working in the background, constantly iterating & improving. We plan to launch support for PDF summarization very shortly, along with our subscription plans that will unlock additional features, remove word limits, and address specific security & privacy requirements.

We've seen a lot of feedback requesting a mobile version, and this is on the roadmap for 2023. Anything else you'd love to see in a future version? Please reach out - we'd love to hear it.

We hope you enjoy the changes made & find utility in our upgrades. Any feedback? Please email with your comments.