Delivering the AI-augmented future we were promised.

SummerEyes is committed to building incredible software to free up time from unnecessary work.

What we do

Our Mission

"To unlock human potential by reducing information overload"

At SummerEyes, we think that human-AI augmentation is still in its infancy. We believe that it's time to start delivering meaningful improvements to everyday human life through AI use cases.

The improvement we think the world needs the most? Reducing information overload to let people know more, with less.

The web has resulted in the limit of our ability to know more being constrained by our processing power (i.e., how much we can read in a day), not by the amount of info we have access to. We aim to increase this limit through any means necessary - unlocking potential to spend time on tasks humans are better suited at doing.

Who we are

Our Story

Development on SummerEyes began in late 2021 when Zack Zornitta (Founder) was working as a strategy consultant. Part of his day-to-day included significant time spent reading research reports & whitepapers.

Aware of the latest developments in NLP (such as GPT, BERT and other transformer architectures), and looking to keep his coding skills fresh, he put together a language model that could take in a report & generate high-quality summaries.

After using it for a few weeks, friends & colleagues noticed and wanted to install the tool locally, and the goal of creating an excellent, user-friendly, and accessible product experience has been the story since.