Frequently asked questions

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What is this tool?
SummerEyes is an AI-powered productivity tool that produces condensed summaries of any body of text on the internet by identifying key points and rewriting for clarity. It is currently implemented as a Google Chrome extension.
What problem are you solving?
Too much to read, too little time. We have an abundance of information we have to get through in a day, but are constrained by how much we can process. SummerEyes reduces the information burden and increases how much knowledge we can process in a day by removing unneccessary or non-critical points from news articles, emails, documents, textbooks, etc.
How much does this cost?
Right now, SummerEyes is free to use, as part of our Beta testing period. We will be implementing a paid subscription model in the near future.
Are there any limitations on what I can summarize?
As we are only offering access to our Free subscription at present, not all features will be made available. Summarizations of text greater than a few thousand words and summarization of PDFs are not available without a Premium subscription.
How does it work?
We run the inputted text through a Natural Language Process model that understands, evaluates, and rewrites the body of text in a way that optimizes information density. We are constantly trialling different models to optimize our results, and try identify the best possible model for each topic & user group. We train our Summary Engine with the feedback provided by our users , improving our capabilities over time.
Can I use it for any language?
Unfortunately, right now SummerEyes is only supported for English text. Other languages provided mixed results.
Can I use it in any web browser?
Unfortunately, right now SummerEyes is only available for Google Chrome & Brave on desktop. We are planning on rolling out additional versions for Safari and Firefox in the near-term.
Where can I find more info on upcoming features & improvements?
Register an account with us, and you will receive an email to signup for our newsletter. Our newsletter provides updates on our updates & planned feature roadmap, and is the best way to stay informed as we push to develop this product further.
Why is my summary taking time to load?
The processing time varies considerably based on a few factors. First, the larger the body of text, the longer the development of the summary will take - much like humans. Second, our server resources are currently limited in the Beta activation phase, and may be under-resourced to resolve summaries if there are too many concurrent users. Third, our servers sometimes suffer from the cold start problem, and may take a bit of time to warmup before processing the summary.
What is the cold start problem?
We run an on-demand server architecture. What this means is that we dynamically scale up our servers to handle the demand of users - i.e., when there is a lot of demand, we turn on many resources, and when demand drops we turn them off again. At certain times, we have to start a new resource to fulfil a request. In the same way that your computer needs time when you first press the power button, our servers need a bit of time to turn on from "cold" - giving a slight delay before we can process your summary.